Daniel Eischen wrote:

On Fri, 5 Sep 2003, Mark Sergeant wrote:

Hi Guys,

I've noticed a bunch of problems with my latest current build...

1. With device wi in my kernel I was unable to compile at all, had to
take it out and then use a module to get it to work.
2. My USB mouse no longer works, Works fine on my 5.1-RELEASE machine
but nothing as of last nights kernel and world.
3. libkse seems to be causing hangs in various processes including
evolution, once I changed libmap to libc_r everything has run smoothly.

You can try this patch to src/lib/libpthread/support/Makefile.inc. That should get libkse working again. We don't know why this is needed yet, but someone (kan?) is working on it.

Last time, I tested the patch,  MySQL was still crashed.
Try revert to:
 src/lib/libpthread/Makefile                         revision 1.47
 src/lib/libpthread/support/Makefile.inc       revision 1.5

David Xu

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