On Fri, 5 Sep 2003, I wrote:

> ...
> If some values are unrepresentable then they need to be represtended
> using other values.  E.g., add 1 to avoid 0, or multiply by the alignment
> size if some element of the tool chanin instsists on rounding up things
                                   chain  insists
> for alignment like a broken aout version used to do.  16-bit values
> would need 17 bits to represent after adding 1.

Better, add 0x10000 to avoid 0.  awk has no support for parsing hex numbers
so subtracting the bias of 1 would take a lot more code, but ignoring
leading hexdigits requires no changes in genassym.sh -- it already ignores
everything except the last 4 hexdigits.

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