On Fri, Sep 05, 2003 at 07:50:24PM +0100, Stuart Walsh wrote:
> On Mon Aug 25, 11:11P -0500, Glenn Johnson wrote:
> Hi again chaps,
> I've been working on other things lately, including getting ready to
> move house and looking after my 3 month old daughter :) but recently I've 

Changing nappies? ;)

> took up trying to get this driver working again.  If anyone is interested in
> helping out, could they give http://stu.bash.sh/if_sk.c and
> http://stu.bash.sh/if_skreg.h a try and let me know what output you get.
> I'm only really interested in what happens after the MAC gets printed so
> don't go to too much trouble to get the exact info.
> Just plonk the files in /usr/src/sys/pci over the top of the old ones.
> Thanks to anyone who helps out.

OK.. what it does is as follows:

- print ethernet address
- then it prints:

Yukon chip detected
Phy type 4 adr 0
initialising yukon device
phy reset set
mac reset set
mac reset clear
mac reset set

This all on an Asus P4P800. Obviously a copper based NIC, without cable
connected in this case.


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