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Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 06:03:15 -0700
From: Rodney Joffe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Organization: UltraDNS Corp
Subject: Important changes to the .org tld today.

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During the root zone (.) update later today, specifically with root
zone serial number 2003090501, the entries for .org will me modified.

The current zone entry contains the following authoritative
nameservers for the .org tld:

org.                    2D IN NS        A7.NSTLD.COM.
org.                    2D IN NS        L7.NSTLD.COM.
org.                    2D IN NS        G7.NSTLD.COM.
org.                    2D IN NS        F7.NSTLD.COM.
org.                    2D IN NS        M5.NSTLD.COM.
org.                    2D IN NS        TLD1.ULTRADNS.NET.
org.                    2D IN NS        TLD2.ULTRADNS.NET.
org.                    2D IN NS        J5.NSTLD.COM.
org.                    2D IN NS        I5.NSTLD.COM.
org.                    2D IN NS        C5.NSTLD.COM.
org.                    2D IN NS        E5.NSTLD.COM.

Effective with the 2003090501 load, the entry will reflect the
removal of the Verisign NSTLD.COM nameservers. The zone entry will
therefore contain the following only:

org.                    2D IN NS        TLD1.ULTRADNS.NET.
org.                    2D IN NS        TLD2.ULTRADNS.NET.

If you have the 9 ??.NSTLD.COM nameservers cached or hard coded in
any way, you may wish to flush your cache or modify your nameservers
in the near future to avoid any inconsistent or stale data, and you
may want to make your system administrators, NOCs and customer
support groups aware of the changes.

The .org zone file will continue to be pushed to the Verisign
nameservers for a short period of time. However due to the fact that
the UltraDNS nameservers publish and propagate zone changes globally
within 5 minutes, rather than the twice daily update schedule of the
Verisign nameservers, answers from the NSTLD.COM nameservers may be
out of date and inconsistent with the actual SOA for up to 24 hours
after a change is accepted by the Public Interest Registry (

Any questions or concerns regarding this change should be directed to
the PIR (

Rodney Joffe

CTO and Chairman
UltraDNS Corp.

Version: PGP 8.0.2


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