> i recently switched from mandrake to freebsd. i used a second system, 
> to install freebsd 5.1 (release) on a 15 gb western digital disk. i
> installed the whole system without problems and managed to start gdm and
> gnome2. everything worked fine and performance (launching gdm, gnome2
> and firebird) was really good (better then mdk :)
> then i moved the disk from the hardware used during install into the
> "production" environment which includes VIA 82C8363 (Apollo KT133A)
> board, NVidia GeForce2 grafic card (using nvidia native driver for x11),
> AMD Duron 750 MHz, 512 mb ram.
> everything worked fine again. BUT: launching gdm needs a lot of time,
> same for gnome2. when i start moz-firebird i am unabled to use it for
> minutes (!) until it reacts on user events (typing inet adress into
> address bar), same for gaim.
> i checked the ata settings; the drive is running in udma66 (as
> expected).
> cause i am new to *bsd i do not really know where to start or what
> further information to provide. any hint/idea would be great !

At any time during the above, did you recompile your kernel?  If so,
comment out these options from your kernel config and recompile again:

options         INVARIANTS
options         INVARIANT_SUPPORT
options         WITNESS
options         WITNESS_SKIPSPIN


Sean Chittenden
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