From: "Dan Naumov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Seeing as -pthread support has been removed from -CURRENT breaking
> _LOTS_ of ports, is it possible to "get it back" into a local source
> tree ? If so, how ? Thanks in advance.
All you need to do is add:


To the port that is broken by having -pthread support removed, then compile
the port.

If it still fails to compile, then you'll need to add a sed command to the
port that replaces -pthread with ${PTHREAD_LIBS} and -DTHREAD_SAFE with
${PTHREAD_LIBS} in the configure script or the Makefiles.

After you have it working, send-pr your patch to gnats and the port
maintainer.  This is the only way to get these problems fixed, if the port
maintainer doesn't have time to fix the port to work on -CURRENT.


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