On 24-Sep-2003 Daniel Eischen wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, John Baldwin wrote:
>> On 23-Sep-2003 Dan Naumov wrote:
>> > On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 23:25, Dan Naumov wrote:
>> >> On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 23:13, Daniel Eischen wrote:
>> >> > I understand that folks want to wave their hands and say "just make
>> >> > -pthread work and do whatever it needs to".
>> >> 
>> >> I am one of those folks as well. As an end-user, I am not interested in
>> >> hacking around the source of 3rd-party applications that use -pthread
>> >> when compiling them from source myself. Not in the slightest. This is
>> >> BAD BAD BAD for usability.
>> >> 
>> >> Sincerely,
>> >> Dan Naumov
>> > 
>> > I also believe that a question has to be asked, what do the -core and
>> > -arch people think of all this ? I think that they should have the final
>> > say in the matter.
>> I think having a magic option to gcc that translates to 'link with the
>> foo library' is rediculous.  What's next, a gcc -math to get the math
>> functions in libm?  The fact that functions live in libraries and that
>> to get access to said functions you link with said libraries has been
>> the practice on Un*x for longer than I've been alive.  Please, people,
>> let the -pthread hack die and just use -l<mumble thread library>.
>> I think any FreeBSD-specific -pthread bits should just be removed
>> and have the compiler complain about a bogus option.  If gcc chooses
>> to have a machine independent -pthread (or -thread) to turn on TLS or
>> some such, that's great and all, but that would be gcc code, not
>> FreeBSD-specific code.
> Where were you a few days ago!

DNS problems == no outbound e-mail. :-P   If gcc does want to go with
a gcc-mandated -pthread option, then we should follow suit with that
(and it seems that gcc might), but I don't think we need a FreeBSD-only
flag if gcc doesn't mandate a -pthread option.


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