Pau Rodriguez wrote:
> #dmesg|tail -n 2
> Warning: pid 474 used static ldt allocation.
> See the i386_set_ldt man page for more info
> What does it means?
> It was apearring for aprox. 15days.
> What I have to do?
> Maybe it was asked before... Could anybody refetch that message or answer? :(

The program you are running is asking for a specific LDT entry,
and this usage is deprecated, to avoid multiple library instances
requesting the same LDT in the same program.

The program should be recompiled to use a start_sel of LDT_AUTO_ALLOC,
which will cause it to be dynamically allocated, which will avoid any
potential conflict between libraries and/or your application.

This was done a while ago, and was discussed on both the -current and
-arch mailing lists; if you are going to run -current, you should
probably subscribe to the -current mailing list so you see these
things when they happen, and they don't suprise you.

More information is available in the man page references on 5.1-current
on the web site (Documentation/Manual pages) or in the man
page on the system having the problem.

The man page should probably be updated to deprecate non-automatic
allocation specifically, since it doesn't appear to say anything useful
about it at present (and your console message specifically references
the non-existent deprecation in the man page).

-- Terry
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