Kevin Oberman wrote:
> When I see this I can reach some LAN hosts, but not others. I can
> always seem to reach the access point. I can usually, but not always,
> reach most other systems on the LAN, but not the gateway router, a
> Sonic Wall firewall. I have logged onto another system and then
> connected to the firewall, so it looks like the physical path is OK.
> The problem is intermittent and I have only scattered data. I've been
> seeing it sice about the beginning of October. I was blaming it on
> hardware, but now that I see these reports, maybe it's not. (I just
> replaced my Apple Airport AP with a D-Link, so there is something to
> suspect.)
> In may case things just start working again. The pause can vary from a
> few seconds to about 10 minutes. netstat -rnf inet and arp -a output
> both look to be fine.

What about your IP address and default route?

I've seen wireless cards, especially IBM ones, fail to get good
signal, leaving you with a link.local address, or a valid address,
but no default route.  This may be your problem here.

You might want to "just put the AirPort back"...

-- Terry
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