On 12 Oct, Anish Mistry wrote:
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> I finally recvsupped today as some problems with my ata stuff was 
> fixed.  Went through the normal buildworld/kernel progress and on 
> reboot of loading the new kernel, it loads the kernel and modules and 
> then as it starts booting it just causes my machine to restart.  It 
> doesn't have a serial port so I can't get any debug info that way.  I 
> can still boot in with an old kernel, so i can get debug info that 
> way if needed.  Old dmesg and pciconf attached.

What version of sys/i386/i386/pmap.c do you have?  If you are getting
the "pmap_zero_page: CMAP3 busy", it should be fixed by version 1.446,
which phk checked in 2003/10/12 10:55:45.
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