Jason Dictos writes:
> From what I understand in the freebsd hand book, a cvsup get and a
> buildworld won't touch anything in /etc, so if I just re-do a build
> world of current I an *assuming* i'll be able to get back on track.

Sort of.

You've changed versions pretty seriously, so its very likey that you've
got a big mess left behind. Its possible to clean up this mess, if you
know what you are doing. If there is nothing on the box that you want to
keep, its probably faster to reinstall.

Otherwise you can muddle through, but for the most part, unless you show
some pretty specific problems in rather fine (and not too long) detail,
you are pretty much on your own. Sorry!

For this, the questions@ and newbies@ lists are better than [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Mark Murray
iumop ap!sdn w,I idlaH
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