On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 10:27:38AM +0200, Harti Brandt

> VK>It seems to be a recent problem. The hardware is OK, both Windows XP
> VK>(which I use very seldom) and Gentoo Linux do not exhibit any
> VK>problems.
> VK>Basically one will get random signals as I have got in build- and
> VK>installworld. It's impossible to complete make -j2 buildworld on my
> VK>machine, but sometimes non-parallel buildworld will do, only to die
> VK>later in installworld.
> VK>This is on two-processor AMD 2400+ MP system, ASUS A7M-266D mobo and
> VK>1GB ECC memory, ATA disks and CD/RW-DVD only. 4BSD scheduler if it
> VK>matters.
> I have the same MB just with 1800+ processors. I had to reduce the CPU
> frequency by about 10% in the BIOS setup to get the machine stable. I
> assume the problem is actually the memory.

I'm in doubt in this matter, because it's been absolutely stable so
far and is as stable as before under Linux and XP. Also, my problems
very much coincidence with some list traffic about the same
problem, follow the thread:
Subject: Seeing system-lockups on recent current
I also managed to panic the system after repeated attempts to get
through the installworld (which all failed). The panic string is
"panic: pmap_enter: attempted pmap_enter on 4MB page" and is also
described by the message:
Subject: panic: pmap_enter: attempted pmap_enter on 4MB page
I have debug kernel, but the system locked up after the message and
I had to drive home and reset the system. All those problematic
systems seem to be AMD based.
Vallo Kallaste
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