Sorry for my ignorance, i am new to FreeBSD.  i have tried to use it
in the past ( 2years ago ) but decided to wait to till the nss_ldap
support was added for nsswitch so i can use openldap.  Now, when you
say rebuild, how would i rebuild FreeBSD dynamically, or are you saying
to rebuild the application that were statically linked dynamically ?
I just checked the FreeBSD site and do not see any release 5.2

Once i can hurl this obsticle, i think FreeBSD might be a viable
solution for me.

Thanks again for your time.

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Antoine Jacoutot wrote:

> On Tuesday 28 October 2003 23:52, Steve Lee wrote:
> > I have gotten FreeBSD 5.1 to authenticate user remotely
> > ssh ing to the box.  They can log in, but when they log
> > in, the system shows their userid instead of the username
> > when you do a ps.   this tells me something might be
> > wrong with nss_ldap.  but not sure what i am doing wrong.
> >
> > I can do "id <username>"  which it returns the user information.
> You need to build FreeBSD with dynamic libraries...
> It only works under -CURRENT with the "WITH_DYNAMICROOT=true" option in your 
> make.conf.
> I think it is supposed to be the default for 5.2-RELEASE.
> Antoine

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