Terry Lambert wrote:
"Robert M.Zigweid" wrote:

I'll admit to being mostly a lurker here, but isn't the point of /sbin
to be statically linked.  That's what the 's' stands for?

Second question.  This seems to imply that /sbin and /bin both have to
have the same behavior?  I have no problem with /bin being dynamically
linked, but what if I want /bin to be dynamic and /sbin static?

Since sbin on System V predated shared libraries on System V,
I think maybe this is a reverse assignment of a meaning to the

I was taught by an older fart than Terry that the 's' stands for (S)ingle-user, which is reflected even today in the 'boot -s' switch.

Since the single-user is usually the Sysadmin, the association with
'system' is inevitable.  The association with 'static' is also
inevitable when I think of Sysadmins-I-Have-Known  ;0)

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