On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Duncan Barclay wrote:

>From: "David O'Brien" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> I'll seriously argue against the 2nd point above.  I don't know of a
>> SINGLE person that uses /bin/sh as their interactive shell when
>> multi-user.  Not ONE.  Every Bourne shell'ish user I've ever met uses
>> Bash, AT&T ksh, pdksh, zsh.
>I don't know anyone that farms lama's, so there cannot be any lama farmers.
>computer$ grep dmlb /etc/passwd
>dmlb:*:1166:1166:Duncan Barclay:/home/dmlb:/bin/sh
        So, imagine, i'm accidentally deleted /bin with your most wanted
static sh... And, of course, due to static nature of /bin/sh it was
removed from /rescue? Nothing will protect you from shooting in the leg,
neither static linking, nor assumption that /lib is OK.

MOST people uses /bin/sh only for rc scripts (to be correct, their system
uses it). David O'Brien just tried to told, that NOBODY he knows will be
REALLY impacted by performance loss, caused due dynamic /bin/sh linking.
You will... So, because Duncan Barclay is impacted by performance
loss due dynamic /bin/sh linking, ENTIRE FreeBSD community will have
troubles (at least with NSS) due to static linking...

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