On Tuesday 25 November 2003 06:45, Andrew Gallatin wrote:

> So.. forking a dynamic sh is roughly 40% more expensive than
> forking a static copy of sh.  This is embarrassing.
> I propose that we at least make /bin/sh static.  (and not add a
> /sbin/sh; if we must have a dynamic sh, import pdksh, or put a
> dynamically linked sh in /usr/bin/sh).
> I'd greatly prefer that the the dynamic root default be backed out
> until a substantial amount of this performance can be recovered.

What _REAL WORLD_ task does this slow down?

My production systems don't spin in infinite loops spawning shell processes 
which die straight away.

If yours do, well.. curious, but I hardly think it is of relevance to most 
users of FreeBSD.

If it is for you then just build your world with static root.

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