* Garance A Drosihn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [031126 06:56]:
> At 12:23 AM -0500 11/26/03, Michael Edenfield wrote:
> >
> >Just to provide some real-world numbers, here's what I got
> >out of a buildworld:
> I have reformatted the numbers that Michael reported,
> into the following table:
> >Static /bin/sh:         Dynamic /bin/sh:
> >  real    385m29.977s     real    455m44.852s   => 18.22%
> >  user    111m58.508s     user    113m17.807s   =>  1.18%
> >  sys      93m14.450s     sys     103m16.509s   => 10.76%
> >                          user+sys              =>  5.53%

Since I forgot to include this information (sorry!):

Both runs were done by doing:

rm -rf /usr/obj
script <logfile>
cp -f /bin/sh.{dynamic,static} /bin/sh
file /bin/sh
time make -j 4 buildworld

They were on a single CPU Athlon 500 with 320MB of RAM.  I actually
don't normally do -j 4 on this system, only -j 2, but I'm use to
building on the dual Athlons we use to make production kernels and it
slipped in.  Since it takes hours to run once it's started I just let it
run. :)


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