On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 05:27:12PM -0000, Lawrence Farr wrote:
> I get this error when trying to install the kernel,
> the same kernel installs fine on the box that made it.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/src# make installkernel
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> > From: M. Warner Losh [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> > Sent: 02 December 2003 17:16
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> > : > install -p -m 555 -o root -g wheel kernel /boot/kernel
> > : > *** Signal 12
> > : 
> > : This usually means you've tried to update something out of 
> > the correct
> > : order.
> > 
> > Signal 12 means thaqt you didn't upgrade your kernel first.

I've observed this when installing on a different system than the
build system.  I got it after building/installing several times
on the build system before trying to installkernel on another system
with /usr/src and /usr/obj nfs-mounted.  The problem appeared to be
that the stuff in the legacy directory under /usr/obj is built
assuming that what's on the build system will work under the prior
kernel - which is true on the build system but not necessarily on
the target system.

My solution was to edit (temporarily) /usr/src/Makefile.inc1 to
put /usr/bin first in the PATH set up for the reinstallkernel
target.  That allowed make installkernel to succeed on the target
system. Then I rebooted the target and backed out the change to
/usr/src/Makefile.inc1, and after that make installworld and
mergemaster went fine as usual.

I didn't delve deeply enough to figure out what a cleaner fix would
be, but this should probably be a PR as otherwise the 5.2 upgrade
may be "difficult" for people who build and install on separate boxes.

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