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> : iam propose all the architecture move in a separate directory
> : as is done in openbsd and netbsd
> :
> : ie
> : #mkdir /usr/src/sys/arch
> : #mv -R 
> /usr/src/sys/{amd64,arm,i386,ia64,mips,pc98,powerpc,sparc64,sun4v,xen,x86) 
> /usr/src/sys/arch/
> :
> : Would it ever done in freebsd?
> No.  That ship sailed in 1995.
> Besides, it would be the mother of all bikesheds.  Do we want to have
> a sys/cpu/{mips,x86,arm,etc} for CPU support and a sys/arch/$MACHINE
> for support for machines that use that, how does that interact with
> source doe that assumes certain things in machine/foo.h.  Or do we
> want to have better organized sub-ports.  Do we want to reorg config
> while we're at it, and what about modules.  And sys/dev is too
> crowded, let's fix that too while we're at it.
> The end result: gridlock and nothing will happen.

One good thing (in my opinion) that NetBSD and Darwin have is that
they have a "common" tree which holds the common files that shared
between kernel and userland libc.  Currently we have 2 or more copies
of certain files in the tree but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to
migrate them together into a src/common tree, or just modify the
Makefile to reference the one copy?  Eliminating duplicated files
makes it easier for changes to propagate into different areas (like,
we have optimization apply against all components, or have bug fixed
in one time).

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