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> Robert 
> : >> Watso n writes:
> : >>> Doing that kind of rearrangement [...] would be a nightmare for anyone 
> : >>> with large [...] patches, so I'd say we could pretty much rule that out 
> : >>> outright.
> : >> 
> : >> I would say that we should do it occasionally, to encourage these
> : >> FreeBSD users to contribute as many of their local changes back to
> : >> the project, as possible :-)
> : > 
> : > Absolutely -- and rearranging a tree is a good way to invalidate
> : > all those patches as well :-).
> : 
> : No, not it isn't.  Provide a script to convert path's in the diff.
> : This is what $LARGE_FREEBSD_USER did when it rearranged it source tree.
> You are joking, right?  This would be a nightmare for people that
> integrate early and often.

No I am not joking.  I was responding to the point that a large patch
(that is a the output of running '$SCM diff') can be easily modified to
match a new directory layout.  Thus patches in GNATS aren't "useless".

I'm not sure what operation you are specifically speaking to . But, if
FreeBSD were to move the CPU directories under 'arch/', at $WORK we would

    cd sys
    mkdir arch
    svn add arch
    svn mv {list of dirs} arch
    svn ci

and be done with it.  Branches would merge that change - get a trivial
tree conflict, resolve it - and move on with life.

I would expect folks working in project branches to do the same.

For merging changes from FreeBSD HEAD to FreeBSD stable - that is

    cd sys
    svn merge -c $GRN ^/head/sys/arch/amd64 amd64
    svn ci

Subversion makes this a lot easier than CVS did.

-- David  (obr...@freebsd.org)
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