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--- Comment #7 from Oleksandr Tymoshenko <> ---
Closing as "Overcome by events" since mode devices were removed in r279219:

o The extra sa(4) /dev entries (/dev/saN.[0-3]) have been removed.

   The extra devices were originally added as place holders for
   density-specific device nodes.  Some OSes (NetBSD, NetApp's OnTap
   and Solaris) have had device nodes that, when you write to them,
   will automatically select a given density for particular tape drives.

   This is a convenient way of switching densities, but it was never
   implemented in FreeBSD.  Only the device nodes were there, and that
   sometimes confused users.

   For modern tape devices, the density is generally not selectable
   (e.g. with LTO) or defaults to the highest availble density when
   the tape is rewritten from BOT (e.g. TS11X0).  So, for most users,
   density selection won't be necessary.  If they do need to select
   the density, it is easy enough to use 'mt density' to change it.

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