The vbox@ team is happy to announce a call for tester for VirtualBox 3.2.0.

The VirtualBox 3.2.0 changelog is available here:

Changes to the port:
  - VirtualBox and the guest additions have been updated to 3.2.0.
  - Add option to build with VNC support (Disabled by default)
  - Add option to build with VDE support (Disabled by default)
  - Add option to build webservice (Disabled by default)
  - Fix build with QT4 support disabled and X11 support enabled.
  - Replace custom pkg-install.in script with GROUPS framework.
  - Do not build Guest Additions in virtualbox-ose port.
  - Add patch to implement locking/unlocking of host DVD drive.

You will find a tarball with the latest port version here:

Please check the wiki page for known problems:

Please backup your virtual machines before upgrading and report any
functionality which was working with previous versions of VirtualBox and
no longer working with 3.2.0, any build failures or problems with the
newly added port options.

Many thanks to the VirtualBox developers (especially Alexander Eichner
for all his work and help), all tester and patch submitter and the whole
vbox@ team especially de...@.

Beat, on behalf of vbox@
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