Hi folks,

I managed to get a 64-bit Oracle instantclient running under 64-bit Linux so I 
can connect to an Oracle database using the Oracle client "sqlplus".

Now, whenever I run sqlplus, I get this message in /var/log/messages:

  kernel: linux: pid 92000 (sqlplus): ioctl fd=3, cmd=0x1268 ('',104) is not 

0x1268 is BLKSSZGET according to linux_ioctl.h.

The message is harmless as sqlplus seems to be working correctly, but I would 
like to get rid of it and learn new things along the way.

I think the message comes from this code: 

Apparently, the Linux compat code does not implement the ioctl() system call at 
all. Is this a deliberate choice? I have no idea how this code works, or the 
security implications of changing it, but it seems like a minor change to 
forward linux_ioctl_args to FreeBSD ioctl()?


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