I have been looking at the diffs between bhyve and xhyve and I am a bit
puzzled on the porting approach.

The diff (in the main code; some files are renamed) is about 7000 lines,
but excluding context there are about 1500 deleted and 1500 added lines
(not 1-1 replacements; there are sections of code removed from bhyve,
and some extra functions/wrappers added in xhyve).

Of them, the vast majority of changes fits in the following categories:

350 #includes, #pragma, assert and comments
250 removal of the 'ctx' argument
400 missing casts (the default build flags on OSX are more strict)

The remaining set of changes is very small (probably less than 500
true lines of code, scattered around).

Is there any interest in reducing the diffs (I have starting doing some
of it, but it does not make sense if there is no agreement that this
is a useful goal).

This requires some effort on the xhyve side (some of the xhyve changes
above are completely gratuitous), but also some work on the FreeBSD
side e.g. to use more appropriate data types and/or casts.


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