I run many (recent) FreeBSD systems as guest in VMware (pls don't
blame me). And I have always the problem that the cut&paste between the
guest and the Win7 host is not reliable, it works but not always.

The system is:

$ uname -a
FreeBSD r292778 11.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT #0 r292778: Tue Dec 29 
14:38:12 UTC 2015
guru@:/usr/local/r292778/obj/usr/local/r292778/src/sys/GENERIC  amd64
[guru@r292778 ~/workspace/WMS-tools/SunRisePatronAndVendorExport]$ pkg

the installed open-vm-tools:

Version        : 1280544_12,1
Installed on   : Tue Jan  5 07:14:41 2016 CET
Architecture   : freebsd:11:x86:64

I'm running WMware Workstation 7.1.6 build-744570 on a Win7 host. The
guest systems are recent FreeBSD systems of different versions
with KDE 4.x and xorg as X11 server.

I can select reliable in the guest some string in any window and paste
this into any window in the guest.

I can do the paste to into text windows in the Win7 host applications,
for example OutLook or Winword, but sometimes the paste does not work,
the buffer in the mouse in Windows seems to be empty.
In such a case I can move back to the guest and paste the content there,
which works fine and proofs that the string was selected and is still
"in the mouse" klippboard.

When I now re-cut the just pasted string from the window in the guest, the
paste in the host applications works as well.

Any ideas about this?


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