On Sat, 12 Nov 2016 07:45:57 -0500 Stari Karp <starik...@yandex.com> wrote:
> I like to upgrad4 Linux_base ports c6 to c7 on FreeBSD 11-RELEASE
> (amd64).
> Is it safe to do, please?
> Is it enough to put in make.conf:

I think I've fixed most problems now so they should be safe.  You should
know though that CentOS 7.2 is older then 6.8.  Not all c7 packages
contain a newer version.  Also, c7 officially supports only amd64.
Centos.org still provides 32 bit packages, but packages from other
sources tend to be 64 bit only.  The linux-c7-* infrastructure ports
support 64 bit but all Linux application ports are still 32 bit as far
as I know.  So whether c7 works for you depends on which applications you
want to run.

To switch to c7:
1. Remove linux_base-c6 and everything that depends on it.
2. Make sure that the directories bin, lib, lib64 and sbin in
   /compat/linux are gone, because they will become symbolic links.
3. Add DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=linux=c7 (32 bit only) or
   DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=linux=c7_64 (32 and 64 bit support) to
4. Install linux_base-c7 and other ports.
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