Hello all,

Setup :  11.1-STABLE FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE #0 r321925M amd64

I'm trying to create a fully virtualized desktop enviroment in a jail by means of installing there
a xrdp-devel server + Xorg installation (xorg + xorgrdp).

Everything seems to work until the moment when the X server actually tries to come up (after I choose session=xorg, username + password)
In the X logs in the jail, in fact, I have this error:

[  9768.824] (EE) config/devd: fail to connect to devd
[  9768.824] [config] failed to initialise devd

I've checked on the host machine, and I don't have that error as everything works fine there...

In my jail, I've setup the devfs like this (/etc/jail.conf in the host):

exec.start="/bin/sh /etc/rc";
exec.stop="/bin/sh /etc/rc.shutdown";


myjail {
        vnet.interface = epair0b, epair1b;

and in the /etc/devfs.conf everythink is commented out.

In the /dev directory in the jail, I get both the devctl and devctl2 devices.

As the devd demon is not running in the jail, I've tried adding

in the rc.conf (jail), but when I try to start it, I get:

# /etc/rc.d/devd start
Starting devd.
devd: Can't open devctl device /dev/devctl: Device busy
/etc/rc.d/devd: WARNING: failed to start devd

Do you know if I'm doing something wrong, or there's a proper way to have devd running in the jail?

I've thought that maybe I should use the devtcl2 device, as the devctl is used by the host,
but I don't know how to specify that to devd...

Thanks in advance for your help.

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