I would like to ask for some help. I own a  beaglebone black and an amd64 machine. Both running FreeBSD 11.1. I want to write programs to the beaglebone by running codeblocks on the AMD64 machine and also to execute the beaglebone's C compiler. Firstly, I exported the beaglebone black / file system using NFS and mounted it on the AMD64 machine in the /usr/bbb folder. Then I installed qemu-user-static and added the entry in /etc/rc.conf to execute the beaglebone's ARM programs through qemu. For example, when I run /usr/bbb/usr/bin/cc the beaglebone's C compiler is executed on the amd64 machine through qemu. But, as far as I understand the C compiler of the beaglebone searches for the library files from the /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib folders and not /usr/bbb/usr/lib and /usr/bbb/usr/local/lib folders, where the port libraries that are installed on the beaglebone are in fact. I thought of modifying the qemu code to add a chroot call after qemu-arm-static loads the beaglebone's application, but the qemu would need to execute as root for this to happen. Is there any way to turn the qemu process restricted to the /usr/bbb folder after loading the beaglebone application without the qemu running as a root? So far I'm thinking that perhaps I'll need to add something like a dir base on qemu to do that, so any systems that call or access a file or directory always start from that base folder (/usr/bbb).

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