At work I have to run FreeBSD in a VBox (version 5.1.18 on Win7). The
guest OS is FreeBSD CURRENT r314251 amd64 with Xorg and KDE. All is fine,
but one annoying problem:

Whe I move the mouse to the VM window (no click, just move it over the window
of the VM) the Xorg server and KDE window manager "see" the mouse, for
example the current xterm gets another background grey value (because I
have configured it that way in KDE). This let you think, hey fine I'm
now in the xterm window, for exampl. But, the keyboard focus stays with
the last used window in Win7. I already lost mails there, because a
Ctrl-D was delivered to Outlook (don't blame me), instead to the xterm :-(

Anything I could do?

Matthias Apitz, ✉ g...@unixarea.de, ⌂ http://www.unixarea.de/  📱 
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