--- Comment #19 from Jung-uk Kim <> ---
FYI, It seems sqlite3 source code was rearranged.  Basically, these two code
chunks have switched positions.

=== option list ===

=== option hack ===
** FTS4 is really an extension for FTS3.  It is enabled using the
** SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3 macro.  But to avoid confusion we also all
** the SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS4 macro to serve as an alisse for SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3.
#if defined(SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS4) && !defined(SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3)

i.e., the option list comes before the option hack now.  In other words,
compile time options are shown instead of actually active options now.  I don't
know whether it is intentional.

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