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(In reply to Jan Beich from comment #27)
But I'm using FreeBSD, so I don't see how that's relevant. Still, I've upped
kern.ipc.shmall to 262k instead of the 131k it was at - so whatever limits
there may be shouldn't be a problem.

I'll try messing around with it anyhow - with pkg, it's remarkably easy to
switch between the working and non-working version of Firefox, so I should be
able to tell if it reports anything different, and possibly find out what that

>Disable DTRACE option
The thing is, I only get the dtrace errors if the DEBUG option is turned on.
The first package that I built, and that I'm using to test with, is built with
default options and didn't get any errors. 

Long of the short of it is - Don't feel you have to delay the port on my
account, though - if I need webrtc, I'll install the working version
temporarily, no reason to have that delay a new version of the port going out.

If I find a real bug in FreeBSDs port, or better yet a fix, I'll file a
separate report.

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