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So, 2 patches attached.

The gpart label can be refreshed automatically (when they are added or
modified), thanks to a patch by Andrey (many thanks Andrey !).

There is however a case where glabel refresh is needed.

Let's take this example (which is my use case) :

# gpart create -s gpt da0
# gpart add -t freebsd-zfs -s 2048G -a 1m -l mygptlabel da0
# glabel label myglabellabel da0p1

# cat /etc/ctl.conf
target iqn.2012-06.srv:t1 {
lun 0 {
  path /dev/gpt/mygptlabel

So as you can see /dev/gpt/mygptlabel is an iscsi target.
And this target contains a generic label "myglabellabel".

/dev/label/myglabellabel will show up on initiator side, perfect, this is what
we want.
However, when ctld is stopped, /dev/label/myglabellabel will not show up again
on target.
We then need to "glabel refresh" to make this label visible again.

Same issue if for example we add /dev/gpt/mygptlabel to as zpool.
/dev/label/myglabellabel will disappear because ZFS holds the disk, which is
However, when we remove the disks from the zpool, /dev/label/myglabellabel will
not show up again.
Here again we need to "glabel refresh" to make this label visible again.

I then think that both patches may be required.
The "glabel refresh" can handle all cases in a manual fashion.
The gpart patch can only handle gpart add/modify automatically.

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