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> Am 2016-10-13 um 03:41 schrieb John-Mark Gurney:
> > Michael Osipov wrote this message on Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 20:54
> > +0200:  
> >> As if there is a bottleneck between socket read and geom write to FS.
> >>
> >> Is that better?  
> >
> > Have you run gstat on the system to see if there is an IO bottle
> > neck?  Since you are using graid3, you want to look to see if
> > it's %busy is ~100, while the underlying components are not.  
> This is hardly impossible because as soon as I start some SFTP transfer, 
> all of my SSH sessions free or receive connetion timeout/abort.  Doing a 
> SFTP from FreeBSD to FreeBSD gives me on both physical disks and RAID3 
> volume a busy of zero to one perfect. In other terms, the drives are
> bored.

Try checking the FAIL and SLEEP columns in the "vmstat -z" output.

This could be related to:


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