* [EMAIL PROTECTED] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [000512 21:54] wrote:
> I know that this was discussed in the past but I can't find out what to
> do ?
> In Linux if I have to resize a mmap 'ed object I can just use mremap....
> but in FreeBSD if,  I want to resize it what do I do ?
> I have tried writing past where I know the end is and it kinda works ?
> but why ?
> Is their a better solution besides just writing to the file and then
> calling msync ?
> Is their new plans to make a mremap call for FreeBSD 4.x ?


> Or am I just  sh%t  out of luck ?

Possibly, but if you describe what you are trying to accomplish
there may be some advice available.  Your misuse of msync makes me
think that a rethinking of what you are trying to accomplish may
be a good idea.  Please explain what makes you need mremap which
is not portable to any version of unix.  I'm assuming you want your
app to work on Solaris and other commercial systems.

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