Simple answer is to use either. You're running FreeBSD with ZFS, right? BSD 
will hot plug anything. I suspect 'hot plug' relates to Microsoft workaround 
hardware RAID.

Hot plug enclosures will also let the host know a drive has been pulled. 
Otherwise ZFS won't know whether it was pulled or is unresponsive due to it 
being on fire or something. With 8 drives in your array you can probably figure 
this out yourself.

SAS drives use SCSI commands, which are supposedly better than SATA commands. 
Electrically they are the same. SAS drives are more expensive and tend to be 
higher spec mechanically, but not always so. Incidentally, nearline SAS is a 
cheaper SATA drive that understands SAS protocol and has dual ports. Marketing.

Basically, if you really want speed at all costs go for SAS. If you want best 
capacity for your money, go SATA. If in doubt, go for SATA. If you don't know 
you need SAS for some reason, you probably don't.

Regards, Frank.

On 9 August 2017 15:27:37 BST, "Mikhail T." <> wrote:
>My server has 8 "hot-plug" slots, that can accept both SATA and SAS
>drives. SATA ones tend to be cheaper for the same features (like
>cache-sizes), what am I getting for the extra money spent on SAS?
>Asking specifically about the protocol differences... It would seem,
>for example, SATA can not be as easily hot-plugged, but with
>camcontrol(8) that should not be a problem, right? What else? Thank
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