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as you may have already noticed multi-IPv4/v6/no-IP jails have hit
HEAD. See commit message attached.

Will this introduce changes how multicast is handled in jails, or is it the same behavior as before (whatever the previous behavior was).

Additionally you can give a jail a name now using the -n option:
  jail -n "bz's private noip jail" / noip.example.net "" /bin/sh
You may not want to use special characters or whitespace but it is
just a string, so you can. There are no restrictions and even 10 jails
could have the same name. The jail (inside) cannot change the name.
It's set upon jail creation and unchangeable from then on.

Is this private name visible inside the jail (I don't need this feature, so I don't care, but people should know so that they don't put offensive stuff there in case it is visible inside)?


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