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>as far as I understood HEAD is 8.0-CURRENT


>is there a way for us to start using it before 8.0 hits -RELEASE

There are two ways.  The first is:
1) Checkout a copy of the HEAD src tree via your chosen source tracker
2) Follow the instructions in /usr/src/UPDATING to build and install
3) Test well on a non-production box in as close to your production
   environment as possible.  Be prepared to feed back problems and
   test fixes.
4) Once you are satisfied that it works for you, place it in production.

This is basically the same as any other FreeBSD release except that you
should test more rigourously.

Your second option is to take the patches from r185435 and apply them
to your 7.x source tree.  This may take some massaging (I'm not sure
how much 7 and 8 differ in the affected areas).  bz@ may be interested
in your experiences.  Then test and roll-out as above.

>lucky), I somehow was under impression (and i guess i was wrong) that
>it will come out in 7.1,

It's far too late for any new features in 7.1 but the commit log says
it should be in 7.2.

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