It seems that FreeBSD 8 does not like to start rc scripts named *.sh. Here is a 
patch for the script ezjail-admin which seems to fix the problem.

--- ezjail-admin        2009/12/20 23:28:09     1.1+++ ezjail-admin     
2009/12/20 23:28:26
@@ -550,7 +550,7 @@

     # If a config is found, make it auto run on jails startup
     if [ -f "${ezjail_rootdir}/ezjail.flavour" ]; then
-      ln -s /ezjail.flavour "${ezjail_rootdir}/etc/rc.d/"
+      ln -s /ezjail.flavour "${ezjail_rootdir}/etc/rc.d/ezjail-config"
       chmod 0700 "${ezjail_rootdir}/ezjail.flavour"
       echo "Note: Shell scripts installed, flavourizing on jails first 

I think ezjail urgently needs some updates in order not to remain behind the new
features in FreeBSD which can dramatically improve the jail system usage (vnet,
ZFS, multiple FIB support, etc).  I'm not a shell script expert, but my everyday
work gives me the chance to have a pretty high-level view on what is needed.  
I'll be
glad to be contacted off-list by someone with some shell scripting skills and a 
hours of spare time to spend with me on this very useful tool.


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> Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 11:35:51 +0300
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> Subject: Re: ezjail.flavour
> Kalle Møller  writes:
>>> I've got the same behaviour. Seems that the script ezjail.flavour
>>> is not executed because it uses old rc rules and so it is ingored
>>> at startup.
>> What are the new rc rules, because it looks fair simple to correct, went
>> through the code yesterday.
> Well, I'm not an rc guru. But seems that RC(8) may be a good start.
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> WBR, bsam
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