I would like to suggest the following arguments be added to USES=mono:

 1) nuget: to implement the nuget packaging code currently in lang/fsharp.  
This will allow for easier building of ports that have nuget dependencies.  
Existing users: lang/fsharp

 2) lib: mark a port as using native libraries (aka installs files in lib/*).  
Without this a port will be marked as NO_ARCH=yes.  Existing users: x11-
toolkits/gtk-sharp20 toolkits/gtk-sharp30

 3) build/run: mark a port as requiring mono to build or run, but is not a 
.Net port (i.e. it does not install .dll or .exe files).  Thus, NO_ARCH is not 
set.  (I'm not sure if this argument is actually required, as yet).  


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