Not sure who to contact about this, so decided to send the message to
 the maintainer of ports/lang/mono (as the problem is FreeBSD-specific).

 I am trying to make mono compiled for Linux to run on FreeBSD. The purpose
 of such exercise is to use an application (Pocoscope) which uses its Linux
 .so libraries to talk to devices over libusb.

 The application runs no problem with FreeBSD's mono, but cannot load the
 drivers of course. The bundled Linux mono binary runs, but fails with an
 exception when trying to start any application: [0].

 After much cursing and lots of wasted time, I managed to partly compile
 latest mono from git under Linuxulator itself: mono/mini/mono-sgen is
 there, and it works same as the other Linux version, including that
 assertion fail (thus the build cannot complete [1]).

 I tried removing the assertion check, but it still fails with [another]
 stack trace that I can't make anything out of.

 Mono's 32-bit version for Linux does not have the [0] problem, but I
 could not make it work with Picoscope for other reasons.

 Would someone have any suggestions where to dig further? I am not
 familiar with this framework, and have barely used it before.

[0] "* Assertion at mini-amd64.c:209, condition `amd64_is_imm32 (disp)'
not met"
[1] typescript output attached

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