--- Comment #3 from Phillip R. Jaenke <> ---
(In reply to OlivierW from comment #2)
I have been working pretty closely with the Mono team; the actual last commits
to the mono-addins repository was actually 2018. The actual last release was
1.3.3 in 2017, and the link referenced in the port directs an 'archived' page
since 2018.

A lot of this stems from Mono migrating to the dotnet/runtime repository. Given
that, I checked with the Mono team, and they stated that nobody has been
actively maintaining mono-addins for quite some time.

The first set of errors can be solved simply by not relying on Addins. (Well,
that's easy enough, right?) The problem is, TypeExtension* are actually part of
a mono-addins. And unfortunately it looks like Pinta actually hasn't been
updated since 2015 itself.

It may unfortunately be time to let this one die. :(

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