could someone with more knowledge of the tun device please take a look 
at the code around line 387 in net/if_tun.c? It looks like tunoutput() 
drops all packets here that aren't of the AF_INET family - most notably, 
it drops IPv6 packets.

We hacked around this with the simple fix below, but I'm not sure if 
there are any drawbacks...

--- if_tun.c.old        Tue May 14 15:40:30 2002
+++ if_tun.c    Tue May 14 15:48:15 2002
@@ -384,7 +384,7 @@
                         *(u_int32_t *)m0->m_data = htonl(dst->sa_family);
         } else {
  #ifdef INET
-               if (dst->sa_family != AF_INET)
+               if (dst->sa_family != AF_INET && dst->sa_family != AF_INET6)

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