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> which value of 'm' should I trust? is it null in frame #22 or not? it seems 
> like null in the frames above it also.

Š—artially. ether_input call with m set to 0xfffff8014eee7600 (and this is first
m for next invocation of further functions), do one (or more, w/ different m,
need access to vmcore by kgdb and analyse 0xfffff8014eee7600 for answer)
iteration w/  and call netisr_dispatch with passed m as second argument (in
%rsi register). All next invocation can don't preserve %rsi (or %rdx in case of
m passed as 3'th argument) and backtrace can incorrectly decode arguments call.

Just realyty check: frame #19, ether_input_internal (ifp=<optimized out>,
m=0x0), line 483:

        if (m->m_len < ETHER_HDR_LEN) {

MUST occur kernel panic if m realy NULL.

This is just incorrect decoding of arguments.

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