Bez├╝glich Vincenzo Maffione's Nachricht vom 17.03.2017 22:28 (localtime):
> Two things here:
> - We pushed an important fix to stable/11 1-2 months ago, that prevents
> panic on emulated netmap mode. Maybe you are still getting that panic
> because you are using an older stable/11 image, you should check.
> - If you are using "software devices" like if_lagg or even vlan
> interfaces, netmap and VALE won't help you a lot, because the drivers
> are not patched for netmap (and cannot be)

Thank you for your explanation.  I'm aware of loosing most advantages,
but it gives me the possibility to use different MTUs with one

I'll try to provide more info about the panic this week.  Like discussed
offlist, the panic happend on a machine with the mentioned fix (latest
Perhaps this panic can be fixed, especialy for the vlan children.
Otoh., I guess it's NIC (igb) related and em/igb overhaul will hit
stable/11 eventually.  And afaik, theres no native netmap support
anymore :-(
So probably resources are better spent on that instead of fixing a panic
which doesn't seem to affect anyone else than me.


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