On 2018-7-11, at 18:53, Navdeep Parhar <n...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> Try changing lazy_tx_credit_flush to 0 on the running kernel with a
> debugger, or compile the driver with it set to 0 -- it's in t4_netmap.c:
> int lazy_tx_credit_flush = 1;

thanks! With that, I get performance similar to the ixl cards on first try.

> I'm surprised I don't have a tunable/sysctl for it.  I'll add one really
> soon.

That would be useful!

(Also useful would be some definite documentation on what all the loader 
tunables are and what they do. But the current situation is already much better 
than for the Intel cards, where esp. those that have been iflib-ified seem to 
have completely undocumented tunables now.)

General/unrelated suggestion: Could the kernel spit out a warning when it 
encounters a loader tunable that doesn't do anything? That would allow one to 
at least catch when tunables are renamed/changed.


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