I'm trying to use overload tables using global tables within anchors.
Sample ruleset is shown below:

table <bruteforce> persist
block quick from <bruteforce>

pass in proto tcp to port ssh modulate state \
  (max-src-conn-rate 5/3, overload <bruteforce> flush global)

anchor "ftp" {
  pass in proto tcp to port ftp modulate state \
    (max-src-conn 2, overload <bruteforce> flush global )
  pass in proto tcp to port { 40000:50000 }
  pass out proto tcp to port ftp

But i get the error below:
pfctl: warning: namespace collision with <bruteforce> global table.

I saw that, pf was created a new table instance in anchor "ftp", Even there
is no table declaration in anchor.

# pfctl -sT

# pfctl -sT -a ftp

How can I use global tables for overload in anchors?

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