Hi all,

We have two problems with devel/pkg-config, the first one is hopefully now
solved, the second one is in the slow way to be solved.

Let's first start with the first one:

1/ since 0.26 devel/pkg-config expects pkg-config and glib2 to be present to be
able to built, and glib2 also depends on pkg-config, this prevent bootstrapping
pkg-config and thus prevented us from upgrading devel/pkg-config to a newer
version than 0.25.

Hopefully some people decided to work on viable alternative, one of them being
devel/pkgconf, which already have the feature set from 0.27 and is in active

We just switched devel/pkg-config to devel/pkgconf for that reason (see
UPDATING for instructions)

Now the second problem.

2/ USE_GNOME= pkgconfig macro was the most used macro to pkg-config support to
your port, problem is that macro pushed both run and build dependency. Which in
most cases was wrong.

More than that lots of ports do not even care about pkg-config because they do
depend on glib20 or xproto which run depend on it. so fixing/changing USE_GNOME=
pkgconfig cannot be done in one shot, too much impact.

We introduced a new macro deprecating USE_GOME= pkgconfig:
USE_PKGCONFIG which can take the following arguments:
 - yes (equivalent to build) 
 - build
 - run
 - both

So maintainers please convert your ports to using this macro, please be really
careful while converting your ports that no ports rely on your ports having a
run depends on pkg-config. (this will break package building on pointyhat and
any package building for binary only users!)

Please also check that if your ports actually needs pkgconfig or not and if it
needs it explicitly add the dependency what ever the ports you depends on are
having has a dependency.


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