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hey all,i can't fetch the distfile when i update pdflib,would anyone fix it?

Looks like the file is no longer on the web site.  Instead there is a
new version:


From the changes.txt
PDFlib 7.0.0p1 (October 11, 2006)

- 2006-10-10
 Preparations and minor changes for iSeries builds.

- 2006-10-10 (bug #900)
 Contrary to the documentation, the "SearchPath" resource category was
 not implemented with case-insensitive handling of the category name.

- 2006-10-09 (bug #899)
 PDFlib Lite could crash or create invalid PDF output due to a problem
 in preparing the source code packages.

- 2006-10-09 (bug #891)
 Fixed a problem with varargs handling which showed up in some 64-bit builds.


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