* Brian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [05-24-2008]:

You replied only to me; copying the list in this reply.

>>> I tried to install the above and got the permission denied errors noted 
>>> at the bottom, and don't seem to have a server running on the designated 
>>> port I decided on.  Is this bug ports/110536 still unfixed?
>> According to the author of webmin, you can safely ignore the permission 
>> denied error.  But out of curiosity, do you have apache installed?  The 
>> post-install script calls a series of other Perl scripts, one of which is 
>> apache-lib.pl.  If httpd cannot be found, there is a permission denied 
>> error; if httpd *does* exist, the error does not appear.
>>                          Did you webmin_enable="YES" in your /etc/rc.conf 
>> and run the rc.d script to start it?  The install script does not 
>> automatically start webmin because nostart="yes" in setup.sh.  
> I do not have apache installed, I saw the below in the setup.sh about a 
> mini web server, so I wasn't thinking I needed to install apache.

Right, you don't need apache.  But one of the post-install scripts references 
apache, and you see the innocuous permission denied error on systems where 
httpd is missing.
> nostart="yes"

This line ensures that the startup sequence below it is never run during 
setup.  You must start webmin via the rc.d script after enabling webmin in 
/etc/rc.conf.  From pkg-install:

        Since 1.150_2, to run webmin from
        startup, add webmin_enable="YES"
        in your /etc/rc.conf.
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