> Actually, I *had* a patch that got the source from svn, tarred it
> and checksummed it, with little modification to the do-fetch target
> and abusing FETCH_* variables.
> The unsolvable problem I ran in to, is that svn doesn't adjust
> timestamps for directories on export, so the checksum for the tar
> was always different. Hacking svn export was outside my timeframe
> and hacking tar to grow an option that sets all created dirs to
> a fixed time stamp, seemed too hackish, so I let it go.

Creating deterministic tars (ignoring "metadeta") sounds like it
should be a solved problem by now. If it isn't then I will have to
make it my next project ;)

Anyway lets take your script above modify it so that it uploads the
tarball to freebsd mirrors and includes the checksum as of the time
the maintainer created the tar. This would be much closer to my
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